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Welcome To Dada Home Care

Have your loved one Get Paid to care for you!

Are you in need of care in the comfort of your own home? Do you prefer care to be provided by a loved one and not a stranger? Thanks to Dada Home Care, and funding by Medicaid, you’re empowered to choose your caregiver!

4.9 Client Rating Average

See why thousands choose Dada Home Care

New York Residents ONLY - CDPAP

Choose your caregiver!
You get care - they get PAID!

Complete the form to check eligibility. Eligibility is likely with Medicaid. Patient MUST BE a NY state resident. 

*Marked fields are required fields. We always respect your privacy.


What We Do

We empower you to choose your caregiver

Dada Home Care provides you the power to choose your caregiver and get them paid (funded by Medicaid). You have the freedom to hire someone you trust, whether it be your son, daughter, nephew, or friend — all in the comfort of home.

Spend quality time with people you love

Get the care you need while enjoying the added benefit of spending quality time with your loved one.

And best of all.. They get paid!

Get the care you need, spend time with a loved one you trust — all while having them get paid for it.

Why Choose Us

Thousands of families choose Us

Dada Home Care is the choice for thousands of New Yorkers who’ve decided to direct their own care.

Call to see if you’re eligible.

“Thanks to Dada Home Care, I’m able to earn while giving care and spending quality time with my mother. Priceless.” — R. Sanchez

Stay at home

Care from a loved one in the comfort of home

Instant Pay

Caregivers get paid right after their shift


Who is eligible for home care?

Those who have Medicaid

(Medicare is not enough)

Those who live in NY

Proudly serving all 62 counties

Those who need assistance with day-to-day activity

Who can I hire as a caregiver?

Special Offers

we offer specialized services to cater to specific conditions

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team is trained in the latest techniques

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Flexible Packages

Our pricing is reflecting the quality and personalization of our services

Start Class


/ Meet

Member Class


/ Month

First Class


/ 3 Month


What are people saying about Dada Home Care?

We’d love to hear from you — write to us; leave us a review on Google, Facebook and Yelp! Your care is our top priority and we’re sure you’ll hear that from our patients and caregivers, past and present. Be part of our future!

“All of my interactions with the staff at Dada Home Care have been great! They are friendly, professional, and answer all of my questions. Payment is always on time and I have been very happy working for this company from day one.”

Su H


How It Works

It's easy to receive trustworthy care

The process is as easy as …



Check eligibility with Medicaid membership via form or call.


Choose your loved one

Once qualified, choose a trusted caregiver.


Apply and Enroll

Your application and enrollment determine your weekly care hours.


Get Loving Care

Trustworthy care for you, daily payments for loved one, peace of mind for all.

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